• Next Foot Fetish Party:
  • SATURDAY May 27th 5pm-8.30pm

Foot Fetish NYC


Foot Fetish Party:

SATURDAY  May 27th



Your fantasies will come to life this Saturday, as

New York City’s sexiest foot fetish party awaits your arrival!



Curated by artist and legendary foot fetish star, ANNA, this event has

hosted some of New York City’s most beautiful young women.

Her mix of intelligence, warmth and model-like looks, creates a

playful and safe environment that welcomes rock-star quality girls.   



You already know!

Just close your eyes and there it is.;)  Fetishes are very individualistic;

chat with our models, find someone who makes your toes curl and

disappear for a session together.

It’s totally legal, totally affordable and well… totally hot.



Privacy is key in our ultra-cool discrete lounge.  Enjoy a drink and

take-in our room of leggy models. A variety of private rooms & play

spaces will be made available for you to experiment in.

 Any guy into feet can appreciate how well these girls take care of

themselves , but the real question is…  

what do you have in store for them?    

Once her shoes come off and her curvy arches are coming toward you..


What to do?

I bet she’s wondering too.,,

Maybe you’re the teacher, showing her what you like. Will she be dominating you?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Maybe that girl who’s shrieking from fingers and

brushes dancing on her soles is alone…  with you.

VIP PRICING – DOOR | $30 from 5pm-5.30pm

[$40 after 5.30pm]




*This is a Private event
*You Must RSVP To Attend
*Must be 21 + to attend

About Us

This is the original Foot Fetish Party New York City, which was originated by a female 10 years ago. Being fascinated by the fetish world and getting a remarkable attention for her exceptional feet and soles, she developed a deep pleasure for lifestyle and she started her own establishment

aka “Foot Fetish Party NYC”

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“I come to the parties once every month or every couple of months and the girls are always friendly, there is a good selection of good looking girls who understand the fetish and make you feel comfortable about fulfilling your fantasies”

I would say all the girls there are wounderful very friendly and down to earth, but if i had to pick one i would say amber then two would be all the asian girls.

I think you guys are doing a fantastic job over there! I really hope to see everyone again. I hope business is going great for you guys and I hope to see you again!

That is my testimonial for this ;)


The FFPNYC parties are wonderful. I always have a good time with the friendly girls who come, like the wild zany Amber, & Russian cutie Anastasia. I’m also fond of the domineering Francesca, who tickles my fetish fancy. The location is sexy as well as being cozy, a nice combination. I think this party is one of the best in the city. I’m definitely hooked.




Hey guys, i had a great time 2nite like always you have the best girls you are truly untouchable keep doing what you do.


Hey guys,

I’ve been to a lot of other parties over the years (too many to count) but since day one your parties have always been my favorite and is the only party I’ll go to now. I love the small, intimate settings where there are sometimes more barefoot beauties than guys, all as advertised and never with the attitude you find at other parties but as nice and sweet as can be. Some parties have become so big that it’s like going to a club and having to wait 20-30 min for a session, but never yours. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Your party has always made me feel special, especially when my favorite model Lee is there, but when she’s not, your other girls never disappoint! Even your special guest models have been some of the most down to Earth, off the hook women I’ve had the pleasure to tickle. Don’t ever change since what you’ve been doing for all of these years has worked and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Keep up the great work!



Ive had sessions with francesca and rose. Both were accommodating and didnt get outta character,werent annoying, and naturally provided a good time. Both got completely barefoot when I asked, not a fan of stockings or shoes or nothing, dislike being dominated unless I suggest it and they didnt push it at all. The girl at the door would just let me in with no inconvenience and also seemed like a nice person. Overall a relaxing and uncomplicated place to be around. Dont mind if this goes annonymous or not. Later. -Dres



I began attending your FFParties back in Feb of this year. Obviously, your current location is the best of the three you’ve had since then. It is classy and roomy.


You have several excellent girls at your Parties.

1. Cat – She is very attractive, very sweet and very accommodating. You get a very special feeling when you session with her. The one negative is really a positive for her: There is a customer who has dominated her the two most recent times I have been there! He starts with her at 9 pm, and doesn’t let go until closing time! I am not complaining b/c this is good for her (e.g., I’m sure her “takes care” of her). I will try to get there at 8:59 pm tomorrow (in harmony with your recent emails about not arriving too early) to see if I can “grab” her before he does!!

2. Lily – Haven’t seen Lily for quite some time. She is one of the sweetest girls you’ve had there. She is very pretty, very accommodating (within the rules) and it is a delight to session with her. Will she be working again, or has she stopped working with you? (I think she was last shown on your weekly email for Sept 4th, but wasn’t there and had not been there for several weeks before!)

3. Jane – Another delight. Very attractive, and very sweet during sessions. Unfortunately, she is not a regular.

4. Roxy – Similarly, a delight. Very attractive and very enjoyable during sessions.

5. Stacy – To my surprise, very enjoyable during session; I sessioned with her for the first time a few weeks ago, the last time I attended your party. Glad to see she is listed as being there this Tuesday

6. Alyssa – was possibly the best of all the girls I’ve sessioned with. Very friendly, very, very attractive. I could possibly session with her all evening.

7. Jessibel – was very friendly, very, very attractive and really fun during sessions.

8. Gia – She is another delight. Very attractive. Very sweet during sessions.

9. Francesca – Very hot looking girl. She is very smart. Somewhat “restrictive” during first session or two, but becomes more accommodating the more she gets to know you. You are wise in having her as a weekly regular!

10. Lola – She is stunningly beautiful in the picture you post on your emails.


My lady and I attended your stocking theme foot party past Tuesday. Just wanted to say we had an excellent time. All the models were beautiful and very open. They were all very warm and ready to have fun. Jassmine is a quick favorite of ours, she and my wife had an excellent time together. Tex was also very beautiful and we enjoyed all our sessions. This place is isn’t just for gentlemen, feel free to bring your woman to help share your experience. Jassmine made my wife feel really comfortable. The way the party is set up she actually opened up quite easily to understanding my foot fetish and then some. The atmosphere is unbelievable and the music is good too. The bartender is also very friendly and makes for a very enjoyable overall experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone. With the low rate of $30-35 you can’t beat this at all! This place has it all low price, great atomsphere, gorgeous models with hot feet and always a blast. Really like the theme idea! Looking forward to the next time we go. This is truly heaven for a person with a foot fetish.


I went to the party for the first time last night and all I can say is….WOW. I had a great session with two girls that was just awesome. I had never been able to express my interest in feet with a girl but last night I was able to have four feet at the same time! Anyway, if you could help me remember their names, I’ll know who to ask for in the future. It was a blond and brunette that seemed to be friends and are fairly new they said. I was so hooked on their feet that I completely forgot when they told me their names.



Q: How much is admission to the Foot Fetish Party?

A: Only $40!!!

Q: Is there privacy for Foot Fetish sessions?

A: There are opaque curtains for privacy.

Q: How long have you been doing Foot Fetish Parties?

A: Since 2005

Q: Will my photo be taken?

A: We do not accept photos or videos to be taken at our events.

Q Is my anonymity secure?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Will the girls clean their feet between Foot Fetish sessions?

A: We provide plenty of Anti-Bacterial wipes.

Q: Where do you hold the Foot Fetish parties?

A: Cozy lounge, friendly atmosphere AND relaxing music


Q: Is there any sexual activity or nudity allowed?

A: NO!

Q: What Foot Fetish activity is allowed?

A: You may worship, smell, massage and tickle the following body parts: feet (with or without socks or stockings), shoes, stomaches, underarms, back,

(non-sexual areas)

Q: If I have special requests, such as other fetishes, can I get these needs met?

A: Possibly… please email for a direct response.

Q: What if I am or know a girl who wants to work your parties?

A: Contact us at FootFetishPartyNYC@gmail.com

Q: May I bring friends?

A; Yes! Please!

Q: May I take photos or videos?

A: NO!

Q: How do I find out when and where the parties take place?

A: Ask for current location at FootFetishPartyNYC@gmail.com

Q: May I request a certain girl?

A: We do our best to accommodate all of your reasonable requests.


If you have additional questions please E-mail us at FootFetishPartyNYC@gmail.com


Personal information may not be exchanged between attendees and the models. Absolutely NO taking pictures or recording videos! Please respect everyone’s anonymity and security! :)



Please drink responsibly at our parties.

Weapons are strictly not allowed on the premises.
No tolerance for violence, or joking about violence ever!
You must be invited and RSVP to attend.
Nudity, genitalia contact and sexual activity is never accepted at our parties.
This is a clean operation for YOUR benefit as well as ours!

Email Us!

New York, NY